Becoming a Member 

Below are some frequently asked questions. If you are interested in joining the posse, please download a membership application form.

  1. What are the requirements for membership?
    Answer: You must be a horse owner or have an interest in horses, 18 and older, be of good character.

  2. Is there a group for those family members under 18?
    Answer: Yes, we have a Junior Posse for anyone under 18.

  3. When and where do you meet?
    Answer: We meet at the Silver Spur clubhouse across from the Kitsap Fairgrounds at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month.

  4. What are the membership dues?
    Answer: The membership dues are $20/yr individuals, and $35/yr family

  5. Do you have to own a horse:
    Answer: No, we also need a lot of ground support when dealing with horses at the events, parades, etc.

  6. Do you have to be an expert rider?
    Answer: No, our goal is to promote good horsemanship at all skill levels

  7. Does the posse only use certain horse breeds?
    Answer: No, we have Quarter, Arab, Paint, Tennessee Walkers, and others. All breed of horses are welcome.

  8. Does the KMP provide uniforms?
    Answer: No, each member is responsible for their own uniform.

  9. Do you have uniforms?
    Answer: Yes, we recently went to dark blue shirts, blue jeans, white straw hat, brown belt, and brown western boots. We will ultimately have several different color shirts depending on the event like Tough Enough to Wear Pink.

  10. Do the horses have special tack?
    Answer: Yes, the tack is provided by the posse (except saddle) for each participating horse, and must be returned if you drop membership.

  11. Can you ride in your own saddle?
    Answer: Yes, for a variety of reasons. Due to the high cost and the many varied breeds, the members are expected to provide their own saddle.

  12. Are you connected with the Sheriff’s office?
    Answer: We dropped our association with the Kitsap Sheriff’s office this year as we decided to go a different direction. We have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the current and past Sheriff’s, but the times have changed so we have too.

  13. How often do you go on trail rides?
    Answer: Our goal is to go on rides at least once a month. We have a committee for that purpose and they are always looking for a new place to ride. Most are day rides but we would like to take a least one destination ride over a weekend at an interesting location.

  14. Do you “compete” with any other clubs?
    Answer: We hold a “Fun day” as a fundraiser with any and all riders welcome to participate in a day of barrels, California Stakes, poles etc. We also hold a regional competition with other posse groups in Washington.

  15. Do you participate in any local rodeos?
    Answer: We have been a sponsor of and participated in Thunderbird Rodeo, Ellensburg Rodeo and Grays Harbor Rodeo every year. We have done everything from security to ride in the grand entry, and given demonstrations of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.